These are the students I am supervising or have supervised:

Postgraduate Students

@ Swinburne University of Technology

  • Sania Mahajan [PhD] (Principal supervisor) Her thesis is a study of the quantity and quality of questions that undergraduate students make during their mathematics courses.
  • Alex Lee [PhD] (co-Supervisor) His thesis is a study of the use of “nudges” in mathematics teaching.

@ Loughborough University

  • Eirini Kouvela [PhD] (Principal supervisor) (completed). Her thesis was a study on transition to University and how different messages are interpreted and enacted by first year undergraduate mathematics students.
  • Nikolaos Vlaseros [PhD] (co-Supervisor) (completed). His thesis was a study of how Pedagogical Content Knowledge is delivered in Teacher Training courses.
  • Stephen Broughton [MPhil] (Principal supervisor) (completed). His thesis was a study of the effectiveness of mathematics Computer-Aided Assessment (CAA).


Undergraduate Students (final year projects)

@ Loughborough University

  • Arun Godwin Patel (completed). His project was a Social Network Analysis of first year undergraduate mathematics students collaborative study habits and the impact this has on their achievement.
  • John Brooks (completed).
    His project was a study of the impact of dialogue in mathematics lectures.
  • Emma Wills and Robyn Potter (completed).
    They developed and evaluated a mathematics diagnostic test for first year undergraduate students.
  • Elizabeth Washington (completed).
    Her project was a study of procedural and conceptual understanding of linear algebra concepts in a third year mathematics module.

This is what some of my past students said about my teaching: