The Ecobnb’s Search and Booking System has been updated to be faster and easier to use by travellers.

The new booking system provides:

  • availability calendar synchronizable with your channel manager;
  • price calendar calculated on the specific request period (also considering children and extra people);
  • faster booking system (in 2 steps, instead of 3 steps).

Ecobnb booking system
What are the advantages of the new booking system?

  • If you update the prices of your spaces on Ecobnb, following the instructions below, travelers will be able to immediately see the real prices of the spaces, and book the space more easily.
  • When you receive the request for availability from the traveler, if you confirm his request, the booking will be confirmed without further steps.
  • Furthermore, if you synchronize the availability calendar with your channel manager you will only receive requests from Ecobnb for the available dates. So you will avoid receiving messages and requests for dates that are already sold out.

How to update your Prices and Availability on Ecobnb:

Updating the prices and availability of your spaces on Ecobnb is very important. It’s quite easy and it takes about ten minutes of time.

If you use a channel manager system, you can also synchronize it with Ecobnb. In this way you will only receive booking requests for periods in which you have actual availability.

Read on to see how to do it in 9 simple steps:

1. Log in to Ecobnb

Login at Ecobnb following this link and entering your credentials (email and password).

2. Enter the Page in Edit mode


Open the page of your hospitality in edit mode, selecting “Edit”

3. Type the Price of the Tourist City Tax

how to enter the tourist tax cost

Click on “General Info” (A) and type the cost of the tourist city tax expected by your municipality (B). If your municipality does not have a tourist tax, type “0 €” in the “City Tax” field.

4. Select the Rental Space to modify

how to Select the Rental Space to Modify

Select “Rental Spaces” in the left side menù (A). Select the space you want to edit clicking on the “Edit” green button.

5. Add the Beds

insert the beds in the space

First, click on “Details” in the top menu (A).

Then, click on “Add a Bed” and choose the type of beds that are in the space (B), for example “Double Bed”. If there is another bed in the space, add it too clicking on “Add a Bed”.

Finally click on “Continue” (C) to save your changes and proceed to the next step.

6. Enter the Base Price of the Space

how to enter the base price of the space

Select “Pricing” in the top menu (A).

Enter the Base Price of the Space (B), that is the standard price for the entire room or apartment to which we are referring.

7. Enter the Requested Price Details

price details

Type the price details requested:

  • Maximum number of additional beds

Is it possible to add one or more beds in the space (room or apartment) if there are extra guest? If not, do not indicate anything in this field.

If it’s possible to add a bed for an additional guest, write “1”. If the beds that can be added are 2, write “2”.

These additional beds are more than the basic space beds, which you have already indicated before (see point 5).

  • Price for each additional bed

If you have indicated a number of additional beds in the previous field, in this field you must indicate the price for each additional bed. This price is added to the basic room price if there are extra guests.

  • Age limit for free children

Can children or infants stay free in this space? If not, you don’t have to fill in this field.

If yes, please indicate in this field the age up to which the children’s stay is free. For example, if children up to 3 years of age do not pay by sleeping in their parents’ bed or cot, then write “3” in this field.

  • Age limit for the reduced rate for children

Do you have a reduced rate for children? If not, you don’t have to fill in this field.

If yes, please indicate in this field up to what age children can stay with a special reduced rate. For example, if up to 12 years old, write “12”.

  • Reduced price for children

If you have filled in the previous field, in this field you have to digit the reduced rate for children. For example “20” if a child pays € 20 per night.

  • Minimum stay required (optional)

Can this space be reserved for one night? If yes, you don’t have to fill in this field.

If instead a minimum number of nights is required, you can indicate it in this field. For example, if you write “3” your space is not comparable as available among the searches of a one night stay of two nights. In this way you will receive requests for reservations only for stays of 3 nights or more.

  • Minimum number of guests

Do you foresee a discount on the price of the space if the guests are less than expected? If not, don’t fill in this field.

If, on the other hand, you offer a discount at the base price for a number of guests lower than the basic one, indicate which is the minimum number of guests that can stay in the space. For example, if a double room can be booked as a single in this field write “1”, it means that the minimum number of guests is 1. If a villa for 8 people can also be rented for 2 people, in this field write “2 “.

  • Discount on unused beds (in percentage per person)

If you have filled in the previous field, in this field you must indicate the expected discount.

The indicated discount is in percentage for each person below the “Number of basic Guests”.

For example: if entered “10”, it means a 10% discount for each person less than the number of basic guests. So, for example, if a double room costs 100 €, the same double room for single use costs 90 €.

In the case of an apartment for 4 people with a base price of € 100, if the minimum number of guests is 1 person and in this field write “10”, the following discount is applied:

4 people € 100 (full price)
3 people € 90 (10% discount)
2 people € 80 (20% discount)
1 person € 70 (30% discount)

  • Discount For Weekly Stay (as a percentage of the total)

Do you offer a discount for one week stays? If not, don’t type in this field.

If you offer discounts for those staying at least 7 days, type the percentage discount in this field. For example if you type “10” you offer a 10% discount when a traveler books for at least 7 days.

  • Cancellation terms (optional)

Do you have conditions to delete that you want to indicate? Point them out in this field.

8. Enter different prices for High Season or Low Season

price calendar

The base price of the space you entered before (see point 6) has been automatically applied to all days of the calendar.

Does your space have different prices for the high season or low season?

If the answer is no, that is, if the price of the space is always the same, you can move on to the next point by clicking on the green “Continue” button located at the bottom right.

If, however, the price of the space varies on different days of the year, you must click on “Price Calendar” (A) at the top right. The space price calendar will automatically open: for each day the price of the space equal to the basic price entered is indicated. To change the price of a period, you must:

  • Select the corresponding period, indicating the start and end dates in the upper right corner (B).
  • Type the price per night in the chosen period
  • Click on the green “Save Changes” button
  • When you have completed entering the data, click on the green “Continue” button to save all the new data entered and go to the last step.

9. Enter the Space Availability

To enter the availability of the space you have two possibilities:

  • Synchronize the calendar with your channel manager. This solution is ideal for those who use a channel manager. The calendar of the space on Ecobnb will be synchronized every half hour with your channel manager.
  • Manually enter the unavailability in the availability calendar. You can adopt this solution if you don’t have a channel manager.

Here’s how to do it:

How to synchronize the space availability calendar with your channel manager

Come sincronizzare il calendario disponibilità dello spazio con il tuo channel manager

  • Click on “Import Calendar” (A)
  • Copy the url of your calendar in iCal format in the dedicated field (B)
  • Click on the green “Import Calendar” button (C)
  • Click on the “Save” button to save the changes

How to manually insert the unavailability of space in the calendar


If you don’t have a channel manager to synchronize with Ecobnb, you can manually enter the unavailability of the space by following these steps:

  • Click on “Availability Calendar” (A). This opens the space availability calendar.
  • Select the unavailability period, specifying the unavailability start and end date at the top right (B). Select “Not Available”. Click on the green “Save Change” button.
  • After entering all the periods of unavailability of the calendar, click on the green “Save” button.

In conclusion: a faster booking system

Now that you have updated the prices and availability of your space on Ecobnb, the booking system will be faster and more direct.

Those who book will have results filtered based on space availability, and a correct cost estimate.

The booking of the reservation will take place in just two steps:

  • the traveler sends the accommodation the booking request for a date and a price generated by the system based on the data you entered
  • the accommodation confirms the booking within 24 hours, without the need for further steps. If you do not confirm within 24 hours, the request is automatically canceled.

What happens if you don’t update the prices?

If you do not update your prices, the traveler will send requests for reservations with incorrect prices, which therefore may not be successful. Furthermore, if you do not update the calendar, you can receive requests for periods that are not available.

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