Ecobnb: the biggest community of Sustainable Tourism

Ecobnb is the meeting point between responsible travelers and eco-friendly accommodations, that are investing in a better future. The Ecobnb blog is the desire for travel, emotions, and adventure. It is research, without stop, to realize our dreams. It’s inspiration, suggestion, it’s love for our wonderful planet. It’s the meeting point between responsible travelers and accommodation facilities that are investing in a better future.

Our story

ecobnb story

Do you want to discover the story of Ecobnb? The first idea of the blog Viaggi Verdi was born in 2012, in order to tell eco-travel stories that respect the environment, places and local communities. Then, at the beginning of 2013, halfway between California and Italy, the Italy Green Travel Blog is born. Later, in 2015, it becomes Ecobnb to collect all the sustainable tourism experiences in Europe and in the world. The Ecobnb network has grown thanks to the European EcoDots project, and to the support of numerous partners. In 2017 Ecobnb received the prestigious award of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), an agency of the United Nations, for excellence and innovation in tourism.

Today Ecobnb is a community of almost two million travelers and over 3 thousand eco-sustainable accommodations in more than 55 countries around the world. On our blog, we travel experiences in contact with nature, green itineraries and lesser-known destinations, slow journeys, on foot or by bicycle, authentic life experiences of the places we visit.

We address travelers interested in sustainable tourism. We talk about experiences in contact with nature, routes to rediscover lesser-known corners of countries, slow journeys, on foot, by bicycle or on horseback, holidays to rediscover the traditions (including culinary) and the authentic life of the places we visit. Read on to find out our numbers and media kit.

Who we are

Ecobnb Blog: Media Kit

Ecobnb’s mission is to discover and tell a new way to travel. Promote the change we want to see in the world.

In our blog we tell:

  • Adventures, emotions and responsible travel experiences.
  • Slow itineraries, on foot or by bicycle, by train or on horseback, or by any means as long as low environmental impact.
  • Easy tips to reduce the environmental impact of our travels and our holidays, to make our everyday lives greener and our choices more respectful of the planet.
  • Lesser-known places and less touristy places, to contrast over-tourism.
  • Accommodation facilities and tour operators that are investing in sustainability.

numbers ecobnb

Media Kit: numbers of Ecobnb at March 2021

  • PageViews: 740.000+ per month (+ 8 Million PageViews pro year)
  • Users: 229.000+ per month (+ 2,75 Million User pro year)
  • Average Session Duration: 2,68 min
  • % New Sessions: 89%
  • Audience: 62% Italy, 13% USA, 4% UK, 6% Spain, 4% Germany, 1% France
  • Acquisition: 84% organic, 11% direct, 2% referral, 2% social, 1% email

Social media

  • Twitter 5.000+ follower
  • Facebook fan page 25.000+
  • Google+ 55.000+ views and 100+ followers
  • Pinterest 17.300+ unique users pro month
  • Instagram 1.600 + followers

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